Saturday, 27 June 2015

Lying to self

There are many times when we lie to ourselves.. 

When we lose something we give hope to ourselves by lying. Saying that it will be alright. Things won't change. It won't affect us.. But we know things do change. Things have an effect on us be it passive.

There are times when we lie to ourselves to give us hope. Trying to be optimistic. Things we know won't happen. But we want them to. And we live in a false hope. Just to overcome the pain.

There are also times when we lie to ourselves. They are the times of compromise. Things we don't like. We do. Be it pretence in liking something for someone else or saying things they want to hear or thinking we are changing and liking things as time goes. 

Lying is something superficial. Sometimes we may not even know we are lying or not, to someone as we may have been lying about it to ourselves for so long that we start believing it as true.

We feel by lying to ourselves we are becoming stronger. But, Lying doesn't just make us weaker in fact it mystifies things which were clear to us once. 

Confusion increases when we lie to ourselves.

Sometimes we lie so much that it becomes a big maze for us with no way out.

For wiping things clear, for reviving this confusion, we need to first stop lying to ourselves.

When we start accepting the truth then only we can become strong. I won't call truth bitter as it is the perspective of someone which makes things bitter. In reality, truth gives us clarity. Truth gives us strength. When we accept it fully. It becomes our will. And we become free.

Lying may seem like the easy way out. But it's just an escape from non acceptance.

It's difficult to understand and accept the truth. But only truth can keep our beliefs strong. And give that strength we need and we should possess.

Knowing and accepting the truth are two different things. Sometimes we just know things but we have our own way of accepting.

Just think next time is it the truth you are accepting or the false part. 

Keep thinking!!


  1. That all lies and life.. is full lies and lies are full

  2. That all lies and life.. is full lies and lies are full