Tuesday, 2 June 2015

Moonlight.. on full moon night

While coming back home tonight I couldn't get my eyes off one thing that was shining brightest in the sky.. The Moon.

Its full moon night and moon seemed so big and near to the earth. I could see the craters so clearly on it's surface. 

So bright, cool, big and wonderful the moon is!

I could just go on and on staring at it. The way its light brighten the night sky. Its light reflecting on the clouds. Giving the clouds a shadowy effect.

The moon is a great companion for travel. You can just look and even talk to it and share your deepest thoughts.

Maybe imagine someone else looking at it , at the same time, smilingly. Or, asking the moon, if it could see that someone.

The full moon took away the darkness and spread cool in this otherwise hot weather.

Beautiful and calm. It's been always there watching you grow since you were a tiny tot. Wherever you go it followed you. Like a friend who never leaves your side. Like the best listener it listens to your every word constantly looking into your eyes.

Hides in the clouds and comes up bright again. 

Its just so much fun looking at the moon and clouds and stars. Things we don't notice lie just above our heads. Showing us how tiny we are compared to the whole wide world.

Our problems, our issues which we make so big are just so small compared to the vastness of the universe. We just need to look up once in a while to know how small we really are. 

Keep thinking!!