Thursday, 4 June 2015


Avatar is on TV. I watch it every time it's running. Saw twice in theater before. Still couldn't get enough of it.
I remember as a child I used to feel I went into another world after I fell asleep. While watching Avatar it felt my imagination turned into reality.

It's not just a movie. It's an experience.

Avatar takes us in a new world of connections. Tsehelyu-the bond. The trees, plants, horses, birds, dogs, insects,flowers,fruits.
Pandora. Floating mountains, home tree, eywa.
It's so interesting to see how each and every living being is connected with one another.
Choosing your own Ikran to fly and he chooses you. Flies all its life with only one master.
What a thought!

Neytiri - the female lead. She is my favorite character in the movie. I am in love with her. Her personality. The way she teaches Jake, is betrayed, gets angry, fights so bravely till the very extent, hates Jake and loves him. I wondered who played her character in real as avatars were derived from humans.
It was Zoe saldana. Apt!

What touched me the most was the background score especially when the home tree falls. It brings a very sad feeling. A losing feeling. Feels awful. Touches your heart... that tune! 

Sometimes you need to do the most insane thing. Toruk makto!!!

It's funny how by the end of it we are against our own species and feel like Avatar. The journey is so well portrayed to us. Seems so real. The glowing land in the dark. Every detail captured so accurately.
An experience of a lifetime. I wonder how technology and human brain can be so powerful to engage us and make us feel emotions. Through music, visuals and a storyline.
I am glad there wasn't a book I read about Avatar before watching the movie. I could experience every bit of it.
Avatar teaches us how to live. To work in teams, protect nature, celebrate life, fight for what is right is Right. It gives us hope, dream and imagination. Makes us sad, happy, angry, broken, wonder, fight, fall, win.
A movie like no other movie. An experience of the fictional reality. A perfect world you want to be born in. Want to fly. Want to live.
A liberating feeling towards the end. An emotional journey. Great piece of art!
Keep thinking!!


  1. Ow some movie !!! One dialogue remembered is “She said all energy is only borrowed, and one day you have to give it back.”