Friday, 12 June 2015

Cloudy Morning!

It's Friday.. And I was asked to come in the morning shift today. Getting up at 6 am after doing evening shifts everday! I slept earlier than usual yesterday and got up on time.

My eyes opened to the sound of alarm not realizing at first what time is it.. Seemed very dark. Then I remembered. It's morning shift. 

Quickly got up, put the water on heat. Now, that's one thing I usually do. Heat up the water for bath, be it any season. 

After a quick shower. Got ready. Realized no one home for a drop. Quickly deided have to eat something. Feeling too hungry. Grabbed a bite. Put my bag on the shoulder. Closed the door. After stepping out, I noticed it had just rained. After coming out the gate, it was still raining. Drizzling!!

Soft soft rain drops falling over me. I am in my casuals so not worried about clothes getting wet. Fragrance of wet mud, leaves fill me up. I start walking on the wet roads. Looking at the sky, completely gray. Shops all closed. Not many people or vehicles on the road. A very good morning walk! I could hear the birds chirping.. Cuckoo, sparrows, and crow. For some reason I never hated the sound of crow. 

The air so fresh! Temperature low.
For a person, who gets out in scorching heat everyday,after this long summer, this was so soothing.
The drizzling rain added to the beauty. After about 10mins I reached my stop. Made it to the bus on time.
And now, writing my thoughts on this beautiful cloudy morning!

Welcome rains! 

Keep thinking!!


  1. I m totally wet!! and we boys cant even wear shorts or slippers to office !!! Not Fair ...

    But your explanation is so good that it has refreshed mt mood !

  2. Have seen rain in so many places in the world and its just rain, nothing more. But in Mumbai, the monsoons are just so mystical and magical, there is romanticism in the air and a new hope, it isnt just rain. So its only natural to want to soak in some of that monsoon charm!!

    Anagha, you chose wisely!! Keep blogging...

  3. Blogger get share some more of your writting.... I am eagerly waiting for more

  4. Cleverly chosen topic. Happy Rains :) !!!!!