Monday, 22 June 2015

Saying byes...

Putting off the phone while a nice conversation is on.. And need to put it out just because of some other thing to do is really disappointing. 
After a talking for so long, still feel like 5 more minutes. Still 5 more minutes!

After a spending lot of time together when we reach that point maybe at station or at the point when we have to part our ways. We stay there standing for hours talking to each other until someone either calls us or we realize its too late already.

Leaving that moment, those talks which feel like they should go on. Just being together for as long as possible. That feeling of 'I have to say bye now but I don't want to' is undesirable yet it makes us realize how much we mean to each other.

Once someone said to me 'I look very ugly when I am leaving!'. It took me sometime to figure it was a compliment! 

Living in the moment is feeling alive.

And letting these moments go is heartbreaking.

Time goes so fast and you keep wanting for more.

Einstein's theory of relativity!

But those moments you don't want to let go are the most special ones. So keep'em alive by thinking about them. And those memories you can relive again and again. Be it happy or sad or funny or angry or quiet or all of them. These small moments in which actually feel alive make our life. So live those moments fully. Without thinking about it's time to go or anything else. Just be there completely! 

Maybe that moment won't come again. Life goes on. We feel there is lot of time in our hands but it is slipping every second. We can only catch it if we stay completely in those moments. Life may not give you a second chance. So whatever it is do it and live it today!

Keep thinking!!


  1. Ur so pertinent ! I ralised the fact of how imp it is to stay wid ur loved ones for long and long

  2. so true ! we should live in d very moment insead of complaining about past n craving for a better future