Monday, 1 June 2015

Compliment you

What is it about compliments which we always seek for?

Compliments is what everyone likes and desires.

Why are we so desperate to hear them?

Is it just the words which we want to hear or we want to feel appreciated. Be it for looks, clothes or work we do we feel delighted when someone says even the slightest of a complimentary mark.

I think it's about the individuality in us individuals which wants to be noticed.

Many a times who it comes from doesn't matter but for what it does matters.

While some other times, we long to hear those sweet words from that one person and everyone else seems to be noticing it but him/her.

Be it a new hairstyle, new pair of jeans you bought or the new song you learned to play. We want someone to say its nice or looks superb.

What's the fun of shopping if no one knows its new!

Although each one of us smile the brightest when someone says a kind word but for others, even when we do,it may not be direct.
Gossiping behind your back and appreciating too behind your back.

Why don't we say upfront and make each other's day!!

Many a time we notice there is something different or that shirt really suits your friend but won't say out loud.

Why do we not be loud about the good things..?

Well in the movies its the lyricist who give words to those feelings. We cannot be poetic but still take some inspiration.

Expressing in just emojis is becoming the new trend.

Language is the best invention by man I believe.

Use of words really touches heart.
We feel them deeper and remember longer.
So go ahead add more words to your monosyllabic sentences. Express a little more and feel a lot more.
Keep thinking!!


  1. Very well written... :) we often forget or hesitate to compliment . ..just do it and see the wonders..

  2. U make things simpler with your so true and meaningful explanation ! Keep it up