Thursday, 2 July 2015

Standing up

We hear News about enforcement, harassment. In these cases, a person tries to trouble another person physically and emotionally. Many a times the culprit is an acquaintance.

People who see you daily or watch from far or maybe even speak to you. I just can't believe how anyone can think of hurting the person they like in some way. It is a state of mind of evil which finds pleasure in pain of other.

They may not be terrorists or killers but they sure do kill the life out of a human by not actually killing it.

Sometimes, I think. Why do anyone has to feel lifeless. Its just your body. Nobody can touch your soul or mind until you allow them too. But when someone takes away from you what's only yours, it can not stay away from touching your mind.

One rule should be universal.

No one has a right to trouble another life.

Freedom is what we live for. Freedom is what countries fought tirelessly to achieve. This freedom be it however, we may not make the utmost use of it, but when its mercilessly taken away from us, we cannot stand it.

If we are locked in an empty room we cannot stay in it for more than 45 minutes. Because we need to keep doing something. 

If someone is troubling you in any way.. Be it your friend or colleague or relative or anyone. Try talking it out. Explaining them how their behavior hurts you. If they still can't avoid it. Don't let yourself stick in that situation. Just lose contact with that person or complain if necessary. No one has the right to force you for anything. Be it your spouse, parent or child.

What you internally do not believe in or are against. Don't do it. Don't let them do it.
Don't be scared of losing them or being attacked. If we show courage and stand up for ourselves then only we can be actually FREE.

It is difficult.
Even hard.
But we should do what we feel is right.
Because at the end of the day we have to live with our own self too right?
We should be able to forgive ourselves and not live in regret.

If we live a life on constant force. It will just not be worth living..

There may be many reasons for not standing up like hurting the person, fear of losing, fear of being alone, responsibilities, or even social pressure but there is only 1 reason for doing the right thing and its you.
Don't you love yourself that much that you will do something for yourself.

It's going to be difficult.
Even hard.
But it's for you. We should live for our own self.

Keep thinking!!