Saturday, 6 June 2015

Chocolate in chocolate, ice cream, cupcake, slice cake, cake, pastry.

Chocolate is the most satiating thing to have!

I am a die heart lover of chocolates. Especially, the milky chocolates with the correct blend of sweetness and creaminess. The ones which do not stick to your teeth, just melt in your mouth. Taste sweet not bitter. Chocolate is really a mood reviver. Also, chocolate ice cream is another option. When it comes to beat the heat and quench your craving for sweetness. A chocolate ice cream is the best! I don't know why I would try any other flavor if I am getting chocolate!

Chocolate is also known to be your substitute for sex! Imagine the level of satisfaction it must provide ;) :p

Be it a very emotional period you are going through or the achievements you wanna celebrate or just a casual walk.. A chocolate ice cream would always be the best company to be with. 

Indulging yourself you can never do it fully without chocolate in it!

Adding the chocolate syrup in milk everyday or pouring it over the vanilla ice cream, pastry or any other sweet you are having. Chocolate adds another dimension to the dish. It's like the tomato sauce of sweets! :):):)

I know a few people who aren't fans of chocolates but then there are also people who hate the rain or movies or pretty dresses.

Enjoying yourself to the fullest by indulgence, you can only do when you love something truely. 

Whatever you like eating, or doing, go, like it a little more and enjoy it the way you do it, while eating a chocolate cupcake or a simple chocolate slice cake.

Umm.. It melts as soon as it touches your tongue. 

Well, even after being a chocolate lover, I will have my very specific likes and dislikes. Like, I don't like peanut butter, so no chocolates containing that.
Absolute No to Ferraro Rocher. 

But more yeses to five star, gems, milk chocolate, melody, those box of milk chocolates you get as a gift (like in the image above) and many other.

Just feel happier with every bite you take and feel the sweetness in your tongue. 

And yes, I am the person who will drink hot chocolate in a coffee shop. Indulging in chocolate is safer and healthier than coffee!

Keep eating more chocolate stuff just don't forget to rinse after you have it. Regular visits to dentist and you are sorted!

Keep indulging in what you like and remember to like it even more every time you have it!

Keep thinking!!


  1. Tomato sauce of sweets a very intelligent observation. But I didn't get the relation between chocolates and people hating rain and movies.

  2. It means everyone is different. Some may love chocolates some may not. Similar to people who may love rain and some don't.