Sunday, 12 July 2015

Watching T.V.

TV... Television.. Idiot box.. Or whatever you may call it. We watched daily while growing up and even now whenever we get a chance. It's our way of looking at the world. Different point of views, different shows, different people.. Diversity.

With the advent of social media and YouTube.. We may have decreased our watching but everyone loves to watch it lying on the bed or while eating food or just after a tiring day.

Be it enjoying world cup matches, Wimbledon, those fake reality shows, competitions, award shows, chat shows, movies, songs, series, programmes or dreaded serials.. We can watch them singly or with family.

It doesn't make us feel lonely. It makes us fight with siblings or other members for remote. Remote control is really an important invention alongwith TV. It made us lazy but also a multitasker.

It also gives us reasons for conversations.

Be it about the recent new show, scenes, Songs, our favorite Participants or movie stars. From the clothes they wear, to how they made us laugh, some shows teaching us how to survive, how things are made, some funny videos, brain games, promos, news, travel shows, food shows, fashion shows. So many things to watch!

The whole world at our fingertips!! And yet, sometimes its like there is nothing interesting to watch!

It's not really an addiction. We know we can live without TV. But the question is why would you want to?

If we don't like something which is shown.. We can easily choose not to watch it by switching the channel. Its really in our own hands.. Actually thumb. :)

We can watch educational shows and even entertaining ones. We can learn new things and explore them. It's a medium through which we come to know how each individual is different yet they come together to present us something with  such enthusiasm!

Be it dance shows or singing.. They not only entertain us but also make us want to dance and sing. And the TV series keep us engrossed in stories everyday as to what will happen next. And there are few which make me laugh so loudly!
Also, we get to watch loads of movies action, romance, comedy, thrillers and the mixtures of Hollywood Bollywood, regional and others.
We not only enjoy music  of many genres but also across borders. I listen to sonu nigam, atif aslam and akon too. 

I have enjoyed sarabhai vs sarabhai, shriyut gangadhar tipre and even small wonder and friends with the same ease.

Disney channel india exposed us to so many fantastic shows like Lizzie McGuire, wizards of waverly place, that's so raven, Zack and Cody.
It really made my teenage years awesome!
Also, star one got us glued with Remix, Siddhanth,  special squad, instant khichdi, miley jab him tum and the epic sarabhai vs sarabhai.

And we keep wishing for more shows like these.

The reality shows.... Indian idol, dance India dance, jhalak dikhlaja, roadies, splitsvilla, sa re ga ma, so do you can dance, America's next top model, top chef, master chef india , Australia and USA and so many others.

TV shows...  friends, how I met your mother, grey's anatomy, house m.d.,two and a half men, two broke girls, the big bang theory and many others.
I may have not got the chance to enjoy these shows without TV. 
There is you tube but a bigger screen and surround sound and the easy of just switching on!

Vasudhaiva kutumbakam. The whole world is one big family. TV signifies it..!

Online streaming Videos technology has improved a lot. It may even take over television some day. Many people who keep travelling will prefer that too. But this medium which gave us a total exposure, almost a leap. Visual and audio medium. From the black n white to color to HD. From the big boxes to LCD and LEDs. It has evolved and so is the content on it. It also shows how we have grown and changed and evolved as people.

It makes people famous!

There is so much content on it!! We just can't get enough of it.

It takes us in the world of its own. Away from all the worries and stress. It teaches us so many things. Develops our mind in many ways.

Too much of anything is bad. So can be TV.

Ignoring conversations for TV ain't a good thing.

And even not using our brains and just becoming an idiot without doing anything could interest us but is harmful. We could miss living our life being engrossed in this fictional world.

So we shouldn't make it a bad habit. But just take it easy and have a good past time.

Now, let me enjoy it.. And you too.

Keep thinking!!

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