Saturday, 25 July 2015

Fitness and Milind soman :*

Why I Run

Milind soman who did a triathlon, many congratulations to you on this achievement!
Milind soman.. I love him. Adore him. My crush.. My McDreamy!!

I have always adored him since childhood. Of course, his looks... Oh so.. Charming.. Hot.. His face.. Body.. His voice.. The way he speaks!!!
I may not have seen all his movies. But 16 December and Rules pyar ka superhit formula are the two movies which I watch every time when they are running on TV just for him. To see him.. To hear his voice..

Watching him run in NDTV greenathon and Mumbai Marathon on TV.. Made me admire him even more.

In his blog, he talks about how liberating fitness is for him and I am glad he feels swimming, running and cycling are his ways to fitness rather then just the gym and building bulky bodies as the trend goes!

He also talks about how he does not like to be told things to do and rather feel on your own, be inspired and attracted to the right things on your own rather than being told.

Also the mental physical and spiritual balance which sports bring in our lives.

Cycling.. As I love it.. Always liberates me so I get it when he says what he means by liberating.
Its the open air... Motion.. Moving forward.. Which really frees you.. As if you are going ahead leaving all the things which hold you down...

That feeling of being on your own and carrying yourself... Being independent.. Sweating it out. Not polluting the air...  Its just amazing!

Fitness.. Be it by anyway.. Brings you closer to your own self. Knowing your own body and mind. Walk.. Run.. Swim.. Cycle.. Or yoga.. Don't pollute environment.

Keep thinking!! Keep fit.. Body, mind and soul. :)

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