Sunday, 19 July 2015

Spending Me time!!

This whole week has been really busy and exhausting for me. Working on logic, meeting the deadlines, working continuously. Only at weekend, I got the Me.. Time.

Its Saturday..
Now what to do? Had been planning to go shopping for so long. Finally, got the time. So went shopping. Some trousers and shirts and tops! Then had some fulfilling kebabs...

Now that I had traveled so far.. Had to see the beach.

Watching the waves, cloudy sky, sitting on the stones, peace, calm! Felt really good!!!!

Traveled all the way back.. Too tired.. Gulped the food and fell asleep.

Sunday... Everything slow.. Lying on the bed even after waking up.. Breakfast.. Tv.. And then some personal grooming... Lunch.. Nap.. Movie.. Just relaxing!

Just being with self and not thinking also can be soothing!! So much fun...

I just love myself and need some pampering from me. :):):) that's really important for me. everyone.

Having that me.. Time..

Away from social media. Just zoning out sometimes. Be it reading a novel or shopping or just relaxing or maybe even doing chores or playing games.
Being with the best company.. You.
Feeling your own!
When we just keep running all week forgetting ourselves. We need that pamper..a hot shower.. to Stop running. And just be. Rejuvenate.

There will be another week of working long hours, doing what you always wanted to, taking those steps to where you want to go, being professional, making things happen and sometimes just belief!

Just go on and do that. But don't forget to spend those little moments, doing those things you like to do to show your love to self!

Keep thinking!

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