Thursday, 6 August 2015


Clothes.. Shopping.. Trends.. Fashion..

There was an instance in PK.. When he talks about how he finds it weird people wearing clothes and the definitions of male and female dresses.

Many men complain about the limited trends they have compared to women.. But also hesitate to try something new.

Stereotypes... Have always influenced our culture and society.

We can't imagine a guy wearing skirt but we have seen historic images of skirt type dresses for men and it's all normal in few European countries.

Pink.. Another stereotype.. Highly associated with girls was actually color for men and blue was for women as we have seen Cinderella wore a blue dress and not pink.

Clothes.. Not only they cover us up but also define our personality.

Sab mohmaya hai!!
But we be it men or women want to have lots of them.

I personally like to wear all kinds of dresses.. Sarees, chudidar, Kurtis, shorts, tops, trousers, shirts, 1 piece.. Just everything.

But while buying something there are two things.. 1st it should suit me and second, I  should feel myself. It should be a reflection of me. My various shades.

Well, also the value for cost!!

When we try something, we instantly know whether its for us or not. We feel happy and beautiful in it.  We think about its comfort and the occasions and places we could wear it.  With what top or bottom or accessory we will team it up. So many things we already think without realizing it.

There are people who over think it and take so much time to shop and even after buying it,  they may not be fully satisfied about it.

Many a times it does happen, we buy something which we like at that time but later don't even wear it more than once. When someone criticizes the piece of clothing, we throw it away from our eyes.


They do not define us.

It's we who define them and make them look better otherwise it is just a piece of cloth until, we wear it.
Feel good and comfortable in what you like to wear no matter what others say, it is you who is beautiful inside.

Keep thinking!!

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