Sunday, 30 August 2015

Dance Plus and Remo

It's Sunday again... me and mum spend the day watching Dance plus repeat episodes.

Dance plus, is really an amazing show with a format of teams and points. Semi final and showdown rounds in every show. We have the familiar faces: Raghav, shakti, dharmesh and remo. There is another mentor Sumit.. His work is very impressive.

 There is no distinction of group, solo or duet and all perform to what they do best. Innovating their own style every time.

Remo D'souza: Pioneer of this show. I think he is a very genuine person. We saw him in DID and then he went on to direct ABCD and ABCD2. He judged Jhalak dikhlaja too, for some period and now he came up with this show with an amazing concept and atmosphere. We feel the positivity, while watching it. He encourages the participants. We have seen him work with the participants of DID. In ABCD there was salman, dharmesh, Raghav, jack, prince and so many others he has always supported and pushed. I see him living his dream.. The passion he has for dance and the importance he has bought to the table by his talent. He never lets things go out of hand or unfair. Sometimes, he even balances the score by giving an extra point, if he feels there is a less point from the mentor's side. There are times, when he takes those correct decisions when some contestant faces an injury or judgement on the toughest rounds, even when the same team is winning again. Justice prevails.

Competition with sportsmanship! Teams encouraging one another. Even other team mentors praising the competitor's contestant with what they deserve. Expressing your feelings in such a platform is very important and also is, expressing them right. All the judges do a splendid job, in the comments they give.

I used to watch Masterchef Australia and feel pleased, by the manner in which the judges and contestants encouraged the competition, in a healthy way. Keeping the passion alongwith innovation, every time. That thing, I see in this show too.

It's a show in which we see dance as a talent  with so much perfection and innovation. Opportunities to so many people who rightfully deserve it. Creativity at its best and the thirst for perfection. Some awesome performances may not get a perfect score, being true to judgement.

There is also creativity in which they promote their sponsors, amalgamation in the comments or in the cute cartoon characters they created for each contestant. It's so subtle. I applaud the creative team, for, they do a wonderful job.

Sometimes, Raghav just can't help himself but to dance. And it's breathtaking... Like it always has been. His work in DID juniors was also amazing,as a mentor himself. He is a full package with gags and his moves.

Overall an amazing show, the similar novelty I felt when DID started a few years back. It's so nice to see we humans encouraging each other and appreciation and entertainment. Their zeal to excel gives us 'awestruck' performances which we relish lying in our comfortable homes.

It's a good combination of entertainment, living the dreams; be it for remo, judges,participants, and opportunity to the well deserved. Kudos to the whole team of the show!

Keep thinking!

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