Monday, 21 September 2015

Our mind's turmoil!

There are many times, when we feel things aren't going the way we want them to, we may self doubt ourselves or even start thinking, whether that's what is t for us.. whether we should just accept it.

We know, that, there is nothing in our hands and what has to happen will happen anyway. But  this feeling of helplessness and no control on our own life, makes us restless.

We keep going, work hard and try to the best of our abilities to make things happen, the way we would like. This feeling... doesn't leave us though. We keep wondering, how situations will turn or what we can do more to get it.

Sometimes, we just can't guess the answers. We fear the unfortunate and hope for the best. We may feel confused, hopeful, sad, happy, try to judge every situation as to whether it will lead to what we want or to the part, we don't even want to think about.

We may experience positive instances, sometimes, and be cheerfu,l while sometimes, be mystified and feel clueless. What has to happen will happen!
Yet, this turmoil of feelings, anxiety and excitement fills us up!

We don't know, if we should be optimistic or practical. We prepare ourselves for the worst, have a plan B and keep hoping for the best.

What has to happen will happen anyway!

All these thoughts, anxiety, excitement may seem worthless. Time...will give us answers.
Impatience.. Catches us.

All these thoughts, feelings although won't matter when the time comes..the result will decide how we will deal with the situation..

Yet, somehow these things what we feel are part of us. These... make us the 'person' we are.

What we care for, what we are passionate about, those things are going to be in our minds and we just can't help it.

So we shouldn't stop that. Just remember, believing in self, is what matters!

The result, whatever it turns out, we will accept and work our way with it. Dealing with the outcome will teach us many things, whether the result is positive or not.

We keep learning, keep believing and keep thinking!!

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