Friday, 28 August 2015

Reading Novels..


I have been reading novels since a longtime now, and pretty often since past few weeks.

While travelling or during leisure time, it feels so good, to just tuck my head in and drift to another world.

I wanted to get rid of the touch screen phone and get hold of a book with actual pages. The touch of the pages, turning them and the smell of old/new book pages is just amazing!

I read a thriller,a bestseller and mills & boon books.. when the story unfolds.. the suspense of what happens next.. figuring out how the story unwinds.. living the lives of characters.

A book can make you feel the exact emotions and exhaust you with it too!

Some books may have everything from a protagonist point of view. While others, may show the point of view and background of all characters.

The way authors write and think.. Fiction.. as Reality.. is just breathtaking..!

Some or the other way we connect with the characters.. or try to compare.. Are we in some way or other, like that?

Reading novels lets you disconnect and connect to another world of imagination, emotions, characters.. It's like reading a dream.

Things they teach us.. and hope they generate!

The best part is connection.

The feelings we feel along with the characters. We empathise to them, sometimes feel pity or sad.
That feeling of feeling for fictional people, which the author brings, with his/her words goes to show us the strength of words. How, we, as human beings, can connect to the thoughts of strangers..!

Novels also become our mood lifters.. sometimes even diversions to our everyday worries.

It feels so fulfilling after we finish the book. I wonder how I didn't touch one for so many months!

Sometimes, the endings make us feel unsaturated, leave us with unanswered questions, later, we forget about it, just go to the next book. That's how life sometimes is, we may not get all the answers, but we keep writing and unfolding new chapters.

Keep Thinking!

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