Friday, 23 February 2018


Content is always important to me and without a right story which clicks, I wouldn't like a show/movie even if everything else works.

And after that how the story is presented comes in picture.

#Breathe on #AmazonPrime
What I loved about the show:

1. Background music and Track
Although, it reminded me of GoT due to the musical instruments used, the familiarity felt good. The music added that extra edge and keeps the mood and the feel of the show going.

2. Pace
The Pace of the show maintains the right balance of being fast enough and cut unnecessary scenes or dialogues and slow in places not to miss the nuances.

3. Narration of characters
All characters shown were presented with their back story and situation. This helps to understand what every character is going through and their mindsets.

What I hate about the show:

Only One:
Madhavan's beard- It perfectly added up to the character and maybe also helped in hating his character more.

Ofcourse, acting, story telling, ideas, dialogues, shots are very well done but I wouldn't go in knit picking since, I absolutely loved it and rated it 10.👌
I am sure there are things where each one of the team member wanted to do something better.

I am very happy after watching this show more, for the social message.

Please pledge for organ donation and even stem cell donation. I am a donor too.

Keep Thinking! Keep Donating!

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