Sunday, 4 March 2018

Life is a game and family is a team!

The ability to take your own decisions is freedom.

What about the times when that freedom affects others' wishes. When a member of the house just takes a decision without even considering the opinions of others in the family. That individual exercises his/her freedom but the other members to whom that decision affects feel powerless. Since they could not exercise their right to speech. What's it to cry over spilt milk/water? 

Life moves on. But again, someday this happens.

Since, they got away with it earlier they do it again. There are fights, clashes, resentments, all the family drama and yet again, life moves on. 

The bond grows weak but it doesn't matter since, family is family. Family stays amongst all crisis and yet again, this happens. 

Freedom of choice is a part of our democracy but what about circumstances when these choices affect other members. 

There are some decisions which go wrong and some right and family still sticks. Although, had it been a mutual decision the family would lovingly stick and not obligatory.

The least one person can do is give the respect to others by considering their opinion. They also have the right to expression. When a person is heard and not neglected, then even though the decision made is opposite, that feeling to be a part of the whole Process like a team, stays and the bond grows stronger.

A family is really a team of players. All the players have their role to play. Each player has it's strengths and weaknesses and we as a team can overcome the weaknesses and optimize the strengths. Yet, these simple rules of game aren't well applied in life and members are neglected with a rough team leader who doesn't even brother to take player's views into consideration and the whole team spirit declines. The overall mood and atmosphere of the play becomes gruesome and people just feel like leaving this team and joining some other.  The only difference is in reality one cannot or does not defy their own blood.

Maybe to become the better person or not to be the worse person. Maybe to just take life as it goes or maybe just concentrate on individual game. Players or family members keep playing, the choice is just to be the player. Some try to be the leader and try to lead the rest of the team with positive approach but well, there are still times when the main leader suddenly drops a bomb, a decision which again affects all and leaves everyone dissatisfied. Again, that other leader picks everyone up and keeps playing. 

Maybe, there is no end to this, until that leader retires. 

A new beginning. A new hope. You hope to learn from those mistakes and remove the scars of the old captain. Keeping the team spirit alive and supporting one another, and not give up.

Keep playing! Keep thinking!

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