Thursday, 11 January 2018

Blame Game

Man is a social animal and being that we as people form societies, live in a family, work together, progress together.

Humanity is about helping each other and growing together. Solving each other's problems by not just looking at a smaller picture but actually looking at the larger picture from a bigger point of view.

As so happens, we tend to forget that and look at the immediate action or react to the slightest of things without knowing the implications.

When it comes to work, the whole aim should be to deliver with good quality and maintaining transparency in the system, so that all individuals who are part of fulfilling the aim are satisfied and encouraged to go ahead.

Somehow that doesn't seem to work. We don't live in the perfect world. When things are expected to be perfect at other end then isn't it a taken that things are already perfect in the start.

Yet, without a proper system in place things are expected to go proper and if not the blame game starts.

Blame game.

2 words and it is so draining to be in it.

It's like passing the parcel.

No one wants to take ownership.

No one will acknowledge a mistake.

Acknowledgement should be the start of it. Here's where we went wrong and this will not happen and for that a proper process will be followed.

Systems are available, so many tools are available, freely in the market but they are not being utilised.

People don't want to accept the change.
They don't want to do a direct communication of a finding. They just want to save their own a**.

This monetary world is making us slaves and bad people without us realising. We are unnecessary troubling fellow humans and increasing everyone's stress levels.

In today's world, people aren't stressed because they have lot of work. They aren't stressed because they are incapable to do it.

The stress is due to unnecessary mental pressure which is due to this blame game.

'Raghukul reet sada chali ayi pran jaye par vachan na jaye'.
Words have no meaning unless they are written.

'Likh ke do'

And yes, because when the blame game starts, how to prove you are innocent?

Even in court, when even the judge can understand that who is innocent, a proof is needed to prove.
Because you are guilty unless proven innocent.
It isn't the other way round, where you are innocent until proven guilty. Even though, it is supposed to be.

Such is the world we live in. Is this really the right approach towards things?

Are we promoting a right attitude?

Is this how, we are going to progress? By blaming one another?

Why are we so afraid?

What is that will happen if things are transparent?

Things will be out in open and we can resolve them. Otherwise, it will just get messier and stressful for all of us.
Leaving us all unsatisfied, drained and miserable people who cannot look at their children in the eyes and teach them good things or look into the mirror and face this stranger who has forgotten being human, in this never ending race where no one knows where they are heading.

Keep thinking!