Monday, 13 November 2017

Heart and brain

Listen to your heart.

Do what's supposed to be done.

What do you really want?

Why should I message first?

How does it matter who messages in friendship?

Our mind fights within itself to decide upon such things of what we want and what we should do. What do we actually end up doing..?

Whether to go by what heart says or by the brain?

In most emotional relationships going by the heart works since we leave our ego aside and be ourselves.

But, in some circumstances, the heart is very selfish. It would empathise with the other person but still fail to accept and understand...

The brain tries to control it. Even tries to rationalize by reminding past experiences and lessons learnt. 

But, will we ever learn?

Actually, change?


See someone else's point of view?

Heart v/s brain as we may call it or our mind versus our innermost desires. Who wins?

Who should win?

Whatever you choose, you have to face the consequences.

Either the wrath of hurting someone or the pain of your own aching heart.

What choice do you make?

Keep Thinking.


  1. Brain thinks, heart just feels.. brain does all the rationalising, heart destroys it!

  2. Brain thinks practically.... Heart has emotions attached... The decision must be taken by proportion calculation/weightage keeping all constraints in mind during the specific situation...

  3. Do what your heart says... And the rest is history...