Monday, 9 October 2017


A feeling of 'Gratitude' 
The quality of being thankful; readiness to show appreciation for and to return kindness.

When any other person, maybe a friend, a family member or an acquaintance does something kind, this feeling of Gratitude fills up our heart.

Living in times, where we need to be realists; when we have been betrayed, used or just looked upon as an opportunity to gain something. When somebody does a kind act, it overwhelms us. It may not be tangible.

 A kind word, keeping company, spending time or treating each other as family. 

Small gestures, few words, big heart and open arms.  <---^_^--->

As kids, we get all these things without even asking or craving for it. People are just waiting to make us smile and take us in their arms. We don't have to work for it or even earn it. Then, when we start growing up, we start taking these things for granted and don't value them as much. 

We have things to focus on. Have a goal in life. Work upon it.

We have to do so many things. Perform chores, be independent. 
We have to grow in our careers. We have to work on our talents. Yes, we have to be there for the family. Give them time. We do all these things.

Some things we do for others too. Help them.

Do we really do it for them?

We are selfish beings and there is no such thing as being selfless because, every act we do, even though, for others, is a selfish act, as it gives us some kind of happiness.

We are honest and good individuals not just for society but also because we have to live with ourselves. 

We make ourselves believe that we are doing a favor for somebody or helping them by being there but, that's not really the case.

It is our desire or wish too. 

We want to be there. 

We expect the same from them, too.

We expect. We get rejected at times, due to priorities and we get hurt. We understand. We empathize. We may fight, too. We may feel let down.

We stop expecting.

We grow.

We become strong to these situations.

We don't change ourselves or our behavior towards our people but we accept the fact that their priorities and attitudes are different. 

We accept that they may not want the same things as us and we find some median if possible, in some cases and let it go, for others.

As we become realists, still believing in the good and kind, somewhere.

We try to be kind as much possible to try to make a difference, even if it's little. So, that our faith stays in this ruthless competitive race everyone seems to be on.

Then, there is this moment. When someone else does a kind gesture.

It can be as small as someone pulling a door for you, when your hands are full or someone lending a ear to your rants. Someone, genuinely inquiring 'How have you been?' or someone, lending you a book you wanted to read. Some praising you behind your backs, or some planning a trip or party for you. Someone, appreciating to your efforts or someone criticizing you without making you defensive. Someone, letting you use something they gave you for a little while more or someone,trying to encourage your talent. Someone, consoling you when you are down or someone, giving a pat on the back when well deserved. Someone, accompanying you for a movie you wanted to watch or someone, helping you search something like a job, house, phone, car, accessory or a dress you want.

So many things, our people keep doing for us, every day.

They encourage us, feel proud about us, love us. Most of all, they treat us as family.

They give us the most important thing they have.


We feel humbled by the people we have in life.

They are family. And, even if we have so many, we want all. 

It hurts us, to purposefully leave or not talk to someone due to any reason.

Since, it takes two, we move on.

And, every time someone does a kind gesture, we are thankful.

Thankful for keeping our hopes up.

Thankful for their kindness.

Yet, we do not express it. We know, we should. But, we don't.

When we do,

we feel blessed.

We feel peace.

Keep Thinking!

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  1. Time has a wonderful way of showing us,
    What really matters......!!