Saturday, 22 April 2017

What's a Half Girlfriend?

More and more relationships these days have "it's complicated" status. These complexities can be many: one sided love, not so sure, lack of trust, lack of commitment and yes, the friendzoned ones.

These relationships have strong friendships. And when it's between a boy and a girl; Strong friendships sometimes, become more. 

We are friends for a longtime and we know, understand each other very well. We are comfortable with each other. So much so, that we share the deepest secrets and experiences and aren't ashamed of being judged.

The bond is strong and there is respect; we know we won't hurt the other person by saying anything mean.

The basic foundation of a romantic relationship is in place, which is, according to me: trust, respect, love, conversation. 

Also, in some friendships, at some point in time, he/she may confess having a crush on the other. So, the one who has a crush, is generally very sweet and gives the compliments and what we call "bhaav" in our desi way!

Then, the relationship becomes little flirty and sweet. Some relationships also have "friends with benefits" tag, which leads to more closeness, because the trust factor is too strong.

But, more than physical attraction, half girlfriend is the one, whom he loves and probably, she loves him too, you know, in a way you can't define.

There's​ a point in a friendship between a guy and a girl when they feel more than just friends. 

It's​ because you may have some enjoyable conversations, the hugs and the xoxo, the way you feel when you talk to the person and the responses you get, attraction, caring and such.

Basically, you feel there's something more to it than plain friendship. But then, it's up to the both of you, how you take it forward. It could turn into a relationship or it may just stay at that point.

When the boyfriend/girlfriend tag comes, we fear of the fights and fulfilling expectations.

At this stage, we get the best of both worlds i.e. friendship and no unnecessary expectations.
That's why, probably, we may have that comfort in a relationship called "Half Girlfriend". 

Neither of them is compelled to do things.
But, both of them, do sweet gestures and help each other when in need.

All relationships need not culminate with marriage or an affair. Some relationships are special in their own way!

Keep thinking!

Do let me know your thoughts in the comments section.

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