Sunday, 12 February 2017

Who live without Love - Part 2

Continued from Part 1

Now, there are also, some who are able to express!

Is that enough?

What about proving it ?


Oh... We live in a selfish world. There is nothing called as love. Everything is a business.

Everything is about profitability. So, why bother?

Why get hurt?

Why go through the turmoil, when we can just fake it?

Why not stick to 'white lies'?

Because, people never change.

And we cannot change anyone..

So, we don't even 'try'!!!


So, that just basically means 'We are losers'.

We have accepted defeat even before entering the race.

Oh... I am a pain in the a**

Why do we even have to talk about it?

Ohh...  So, when your conscience got a little turmoil.. you just shun it away?

Why? Because, we refuse to accept it.

We are too weak. Too vulnerable.

We are.. not loved enough. To actually love someone else.

So, we continue in the conquest of life, where there is no satisfaction. . . .

And so, I pity thy Life.

We fail in knowing how to love, be loved truely, deeply, unconditionally.

So, how can we succeed?

Just Love. Everyone knows it naturally. Bring it out. Be more honest to yourself. Stop shunning your conscience for once.

Face it. And if you fail at it. What's to lose, really?

I know what, The Ego. Well, that's good if it goes...

Being real and true to self harmed nobody.

   Keep thinking!

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