Sunday, 23 April 2017

When do we wake up?

Azaan controversy of Sonu Nigam attracted a lot of criticism from people about how he should have been more considerate while speaking his point; about how he sounded rude, how it was a religious attack.

He was annoyed of waking up early due to the loud sound.

Some people blame the government for everything. They want a bill for defining the decibels.

My question is,

Why can't we be responsible ourselves and stop polluting the environment in any form? Why do we need a rule to tame us from doing something wrong? I mean even if it is legal/illegal, we know it's bothersome. The recent event of a spiritual leader spoilt our rivers for decades. The blame was put on the officials who passed the order to carry out the event. But, in any social events we organize, isn't it our responsibility to make sure, anybody/environment is not harmed in any way? On new year event in Bengaluru, wasn't it the responsibility of the people who were part of the event, to stop girls being molested instead of waiting for police to do their jobs?

Why do we turn a blind eye towards our ethical responsibility? We do not empathize the sick, the poor or the weak. We do not care about the trees, the birds, the beauty. Why ?

We are humans. We are blessed with a brain which can create miracles and if used properly, we can live in harmony without harming the environment. But, we never think about anyone else. We do not think about the impact of our actions. The effect that it creates. Take an instance, of the loud horns of certain vehicles. There have been instances where you feel defeaning if a horn is honked. But, unless he/she is legally obliged to follow any rule regarding the decibels of horns, unless generating a fear of getting jailed/fined for the act, he/she will never learn. We are so unapologetic and selfish about everything that we need the legal systems to make us realize that somethings are wrong and unacceptable.

Do we ever need to teach people like dhoni/sachin/rahul dravid to play a fair play or not to do something which can ever be bothersome to others? No. They are intelligent and responsible citizens who probably take more care about the people and environment around them. Why don't we idealize people like that? Why don't we see the good and be influenced by it instead of just blindly following, even copying, what we find cool?

When are we going to start thinking about the implications we have as a human and prove that that's makes us human; rather than saying mistakes make us human.


When do wake up in the actual sense and think about our actions?

Keep thinking.


  1. thatt actually root cause for lot of problems , society , environment, education everything. People like to point finger but no self effort. It starts with self-driven efforts rather than waiting for government to make a ruling. I guess we must be the only country that is paying taxes(cess) to keep our own surroundings clean and fined for vice-versa !!

  2. Here's the thing. Human beings are born with a self destruct button. Us being here is not good for the planet. I'm guessing the creator knew this and made that button. It's gonna happen sooner or later.
    There is some good in us but as a species we are scumbags.

    1. Ya.. destruction and creation will go on and on.

  3. So that is the answer to your why. The few smart ones in their time understood the button and manufactured religion to try and tame this button.
    But that trick is up now.

    1. Ummm.. interesting.. so we need something else to replace religion now.

  4. Nice post, things explained in details. Thank You.