Sunday, 12 February 2017

Who live without Love - Part 1

Dumbledore's statement strikes a chord.

He is absolutely right in his statement. For people, who live without love, I feel pity.

Love. That feeling, that emotion.

There are married couples, with children who say that they may not exactly love each other.

There are children who do not entirely love their parents.

There are even parents who do not love their children so much.

It's a pity. Really!

It's not a false relationship. But, some kind of 'by the way' or an obligatory relationship.

How can that happen?

When, even with friends, we experience that love and warmth. Oh, don't get started on "friendzOned stuff".

Well, we may not love everybody we speak to but,there's got to be a person or even a pet whom we love with all our heart.

And yes, I also pity those who may have it but fail to be able to express it.

What happened?

Why are we afraid to say 'I love you'?

To give a warm hug or just that loving look?

Why do we keep so aloof and pretend to be robots without feelings?

And, most importantly, why the heck, we start judging our own selves about how stupid we will look if we did all that?

Does showing love really affect your self-image?

Seriously, dude? Get a real mirror.

Open your eyes as to where are we going.

And some of them, even get ashamed by it.. like the show in the movies. A child asking his mother to stop kissing in public.

Sometimes, we become so involved into smaller things that we forget to see the clear picture. Like, living in a pixel of an image.

We need to come above it. And see, reflect, what's more important to us?

Keep thinking!

Continued in part 2


  1. Very nice thought.keep it alive
    - Pradeep Tiwari

  2. Great post, if you aske me I am just afraid that I could not face a rejection so I keep my feelings to myself. I know it's unfair to myself, but never really got the confidence to say it out loud.