Tuesday, 10 January 2017



Sexual abuse

Sadly, these words exist in our world.

Be it a city, a village, a developed country or an undeveloped one.

Be it in a train, bus, stage shows or inside our own homes.

Sometimes, we don't know how to even react to it?

It may be very subtle like a shopkeeper brushes his fingers off your breasts while merely trying to show you the top or a tailor brushing off his forehand while measuring your size.

It could be the people taking advantage of the mob. While taking the staircase of a really crowded station, trying to grab, grope or brush elbows and blaming it on the huge push coming on. Sometimes, it's a real reason, sometimes, it's a chance they take.


I am not going to describe more hideous things.

But as we grow up, we learn to ignore the constant stares and the noticeable touch, which they pretend as if it never happened.

That feeling.. such an irky feeling.. 

It feels dirty.

I don't understand what people get by slight or evident touching someone else against their will? 

How can humans be evil like that?

Troubling and seeking pleasure over someone else's irritation?

Harassing someone.

What kind of mindset these people have? And why?

Why does this happen all over the world?

It's so common. It's Shameful.

Why education, prosperity or even success hasn't been able to overcome such evil mentality?

Why does the bad prevail everywhere?

I am writing this because I feel heartbroken when I see this happening in every society regardless of religion, nationalism, gender, or any other divide.

It happens to men, women, transgender, gay, children, adults, old people and guess what? Even the dead.

This pure lust and no love or intamacy. No mercy.

No conscience. Where does this come from?

These people are all around us.

They just sprang up when they get that opportunity. Until then, they can be sophisticated or your everyday common man. You may never know or be able to read over their masks.

Why is this so prevalent?

Why are we not able to do anything about it in so many years?

Why are we ignoring it and turning a deaf ear to these incidents?

Don't we love and respect each other as humans first? 

Why the good in us stays hidden and we don't take a stand for others and raise voice for them without having an alter motive?

Why don't we, the good people, spread the goodness wide, to overcome this menace?

It is us, who are suffering.

I do agree it's just our bodies. No one can touch our souls. 

"You don't have soul. You are a soul. You have a body."

It's upto us how much we let it affect us. 

But, that doesn't take it away that molestation is bad. 

We learn to move on, like we do when probably we get hurt by a stone or a cut that heals.

Scars remain and fade away.

Sometimes, we try to hit back or fight it.
Shout at the person. Yell. Swear. Become mad. Cry.
We just got to deal with it. Somehow.

Keep Thinking.

What are your thoughts? Tell me.

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  1. One of d bitter truth in society. Hopefully good Education will cure this.