Wednesday, 21 December 2016

Confusion... What do we really want..

When the question is about our dislikes, it's so easy to point out things we don't like. No confusion. We are so sure about it. There is no ounce of doubt, that we may ever like it.

Why? How?

Because We know ourselves.

We know what we want.

Ya. We do. Don't we? Do we, really? Are we sure?

I mean it's so easy to tell I like a lot of things.. rain..colors.. stars.. rivers.. conversations.. my friends.. my family.. see..

I know what I like.

I like red.. but ya, white is the best.

Then, why is it at times when we know that we like a lot of things.. but we still aren't sure of whether we absolutely love it.

That, we are completely sure we want it.

Why is that we run into confusion of actually having it or not.

Unmm... Maybe I am not crazy about it.

So, it isn't for me.

I like it. I love it. I feel good about it.

Yet, I am not sure.

Why so much confusion?

Because, you know they say, when you want it you know it. Your heart knows it. It calls out to you to go grab it.

Now really?

Does that happen ?

Will that actually happen to us?

Or, is it just some theory everyone believes in.

Will the heart know it or do we manipulate it to believe it?

Hehe.. did you think I had the answers to all these questions?


Unsurity... Fear.. confusion.. reluctance.. 

It's like the time you are all geared up for that adventure ride you always wanted to take and right at the point it's actually going to happen.. you think do I really want this?

We all fear the unknown.

Or fear to get bored like we probably got bored of the bicycle we always wanted badly.

The fear that we will outgrow it.

Because, We keep evolving and like different things at different points in life.

We aren't really sure to commit to it forever.

And, we aren't sure about what do we want exactly?

Even though, we are getting it, we may feel, we are losing out on the best or settling for less.

We forget to see and appreciate it whole heartedly with our closed minds.

Confusion creates more confusion.

Sometimes. Maybe to open our minds, we should close our eyes. Think and feel what we really want. Try tossing the coin and guessing which side we want it to turn in. 

Keep thinking!


  1. It's very true... You Spoke out My heart... Nice...

    1. Thank you. I am glad you could connect with it.

  2. Yes confusion creates more confusion. And to get clarity maybe we should close our eyes and do some 'no mind' meditation.

  3. Well said Anagha.. THE BEST LINE :- " Try tossing the coin and guessing which side we want it to turn in."

  4. Beautifully and very well written Anagha. It is so true that we are really not sure about what we want in life and run behind things and then create all confusion about the most simple things.

  5. Abhijit JahagirdarThu Dec 22, 12:06:00 am

    Right thought !!! Confusion creates confusion...