Friday, 18 November 2016

Sweet coincidences

Sweet coinicidences....

Those little moments when you think about something and it actually happens....

It could be you trying to remember a song and that song starts playing..

Or, when you discuss about your day with a friend and you realize you both spent your day watching the same movie on TV

Or, while having conversations both of you blurting out the exact thing.

Coincidences like these are so wonderful.

They make us delightful and sometimes even strengthen our relationships.

When before you even dial in, you receive a call from the same person or before even typing receive a message, right after you thought about it.

Random things cheer us up! 😊

These moments although really small add perks of fun!!

Especially, the ones which happen immediately.. it feels like the other person could hear you or you just possess some power to make things happen!!

We just call it a sweet coinicidence!!!

Keep thinking!! 😊😊😊


  1. Felt like I was reading my thoughts. So true.

    Loved this short sweet take on coincidences.