Sunday, 14 August 2016

It's the thought that counts!

Well, there have been instances all my life with my loved ones.. My family.. My friends..

When someone you want to get back to but cannot because of other stuff happening.
It's the thought that counts!

When you wish like you could do more for someone. Give more time. Be there. Be present. Yet, for some reasons you cannot be. Be it work. Your own mood.

Sometimes you are  there. Sometimes you cannot be. Sometimes, you just want to be with yourself.

Thinking about someone else apart from yourself is a start.

Sometimes, this thought itself matters more than anything for the other person.

Be it a friend, family, crush or spouse.

Knowing that someone does care, in this mean world. In this world, where people are selfish, mean and always trying to take advantage of you. When in this world, you realize someone does care it's just a matter of time and restrictions. In this world, where we are all running, toiling all day,prioritizing tasks, daily chores, exhausted. We do not have time for ourselves, our families, forget others.

So when someone is kind and gives a thought about you. Cherish it.

That's where true happiness lies, isn't it?

It's the thought that counts after all!

Keep thinking! Cheers!


  1. So it's not the thought but the deed that counts

    1. Yes I do agree with you. While writing this I was thinking about the same. This is about the moments when you are unable to do the deed. In those moments even the thought of doing a deed counts. It's about being considerate.