Monday, 20 June 2016


HUM TUM.. my favorite movie! I have seen it 90 times and counting...

Well, that sure sounds crazy. But, HUM TUM does not fail to bring a smile to my face, each and every time I watch it.

What's not to like? 

1. The quintessential girl-boy fights...

HUM TUM presents these girl-boy fights since the start. Describing how men and women really are and their perceptions of each other. It's funny. Even when the joke's on us, girls. Sometimes, you just can't help but agree. And, smile :-)

I am all on with the Individualism and that's why I always feel we cannot judge anyone by the gender.

In this movie, you just take it with a bit of sense of humor because some things are what they are.

2. Cartoons

Hell.. Yeah.. I.. We.. miss the original 2D cartoons a lot. Reading comic strips once in a while.
HUM TUM brings in that nostalgic feeling by adding those 2 cartoon characters in between scenes. 

The playful background music, cartoon voice-overs are so very sweet and just the fun of watching cartoons and laughing your heart out :-D

3. Meeting again and again

The whole concept of falling in love is just so different. You keep meeting the person again and again until you realize that it's the one. We have always seen movies where a boy and girl meet and fall in love in an instant which although may seem romantic, isn't always practical. Hence, this concept really interests me: becoming friends first, knowing each other, and realizing your love. 

4. Dialogues

The dialogues are apt. From the thoughts going on in saif's mind, to simple discussions between the characters, some soulful, some funny. Without them this movie would not have been what it is.

"kya jhooth bolte ho?"

"Ding Dong."

"Kya main use shaadi ke baad ye keh sakta hoon ki hamari shaadi ho gayi hain?"

"Australia sala.. game mein bhi acchhi fielding karta hai!"

"Ab ye lady Diana kaun hai?"

"No Byes Riya!  Kyunki, ye zindagi bahot lambi hai and hamare paas waqt bahot kam hai."

5. Background score 

What keeps me engaged in the movie ,is really the background score of the movie. I really enjoy it when there is good music, beats and tunes  to help audiences connect. In HUM TUM, there are loads of such small tunes, beats which make you laugh, cry, fall in love. Even the one, when she hits him that tone uh..aah..eeh.. aah.. It's so funny. Also, U N I song by Veronica and Rishi rich is played in bits and pieces throughout the movie and entire song at the end and start of the movie. It definitely adds a modern flavor to the movie.

6. Actors-Characters

Obviously! All the actors in the movie have played their part really well. 

All credits to Kunal Kohli and team on the choice of actors. They all are just so adorable.

Saif Ali Khan: Karan grows in the movie from a college boy to a man who refuses to grow up and then a matured friend. His whole journey has been depicted brilliantly. Saif, received a National Award for the movie. Very well deserved!

Rani Mukerji: In the start, Rani's character Rhea comes across slightly irritated and not as cool as Karan's. She is smart, independent, no-nonsense girl. Yet, she is willing to try new things and gets her ideal man. 

Kirron Kher: She plays the Punjabi traditional mum to Rhea who always stands by her kid.

Rishi Kapoor: The failed Dad and husband who probably is the reason of Karan's outlook on life.

Rati Agnihotri: Karan's mother. Business woman. Independent mother. Beautiful.

Jimmy Shergill: He is a fresh addition to the story. An ideal match and a good friend. 

And other appearances by Shenaz TreasurywalaAbhishek Bachchan and Isha Koppikar are also worth a mention.

7. Scenes

Each and every scene is well written and well executed and also more importantly, all scenes are well connected to one another to keep with the flow of the story.

My favorite scene is the Arrange Marriage trial scene which comes in the later part of the movie.

The scene starts with Karan landing up at Rhea's house at 2 a.m. unannounced and then the two of them chatting it up. When Karan is trying to convince Rhea about giving life a second chance by going the Arrange Marriage way. Pretending to be strangers, they enact how would it be and end up having a cozy moment together. 

"Bachche aur Tommy baadme. Main sabse jyada aur hamesha sirf tumse pyar karunga!"

Also, initially, the plane scene of Karan figuring out ways to speak to Rhea. It's interesting to see a guy, thinking so many things before talking to a girl.  Getting to know what really goes on in a guy's mind!


And that fight scene, when they finally come face to face with each other. One on one Battle. There is mirror breaking, Rhea crying, lots of drama. Bringing out things in open finally, to face the reality. 

"Kya tum mujh jaise ladke ke sath khush reh sakti ho Rhea?"

There is so much in that. So many emotions going on in between and inside both the characters.

  •  Karan tries to make talk

Not many dialogues in this one. Awkward. But the sheer hardwork of Karan trying to cheer Rhea up. Not knowing what to say but being there. 

HUM TUM. It makes you laugh a lot.. fall in love.. shows friendship.. and teaches the basic lesson of being a grown up.

"Karan, unhe hamari kam and hame unki jarurat jyada hai. Ye tum ab nahi samjhoge. Jab tumhe tumhari Rhea milegi tab samjhoge. Wo humse yaha kitni bhi kamjor kyu na ho par yahan..<3"

And that is why, when I am a little low or bored or just in the mood for some fun, I watch this movie. I saw it in theatre, on DVD, on TV. 
It will always be  close to my heart and never bore me. 

Keep Smiling! Keep Thinking!


  1. Good one Anagha.. :) may this blog be the epitome of urself and bring out the creative side of urs.. All the best