Wednesday, 7 October 2015

Small things.. Mood breakers - makers!

When we get upset on something or someone.. Be it bad news or things we didn't expect, happen.. These are the times when we go in the ' upset zone '. Nothing seems to rejoice us. No one seems to care. We need some kind words to cheer us up. But no one around, so close, to share, or whose words will have that effect.

We may overcome the biggest of shocks and bad news easily, but those small things.. Criticism or some other thing someone did, may affect us.

At that time, its not really others who can be of real help. Discussing it does lower the pain. At the end of it, it's our own mind whom we need to teach to overcome it. Forget that and move on. We know we will. Time is the best medicine and after a point that thing is irrelevant.
Yet, for those brief moments, maybe a single day, we have that thing bothering us at the back of our mind, spoiling our mood.

We try to gulp it in and make ourselves understand. Give a little pep talk or discuss with someone, just to get over it. How do some irrelevant things, which may not even matter to us, fill up our mind and get all the unnecessary attention?

How much ever we avoid, these things happen to one and all. Small things, take that smile down.. :( so small things, can also be the ones which can bring it back up :)

Be it listening to your favorite song, doing something what you like, a sweet compliment or just sleeping over it, makes us forget that little tiny thing which bothered us all day and we feel back to being me.

Funny! How some things become so important, for that frame of time.

Small things become large and doing other joyful small things make them tiny.

They may not go away completely. We learn our own way of dealing them, day to day.

Keep thinking :)

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