Saturday, 17 October 2015



This word itself, lights one up.

Lucky are the ones who get to experience that!

I am not an envious person in daily life, although, when I see a romantic gesture by some sweet guy for his girl, I feel a little bit of ' l want that!'.

Now, what's really romance ?

I am sure each individual will have their own definition. Be it the cliché  of candlelight dinner or the philosophical cooking and cleaning together.. Romance can be different for different people.

Some people say it with their eyes or gestures and some by their expressions and conversations.

I don't know why men or women sidetrack their romance.. It is as essential for a relationship as communication is.

Romance may have different meanings for different people but, just the thought of it, is amazing!

For all the lovely couples out there.. Don't let that romance go away from your lives!

Be it those sweet nothings, filmy dialogues, Little white lies or appreciatory notes..

Whatever it is which you like or your style is..

Keep that romance alive.

Say a little compliment to your partner or just pull their cheeks or kiss them on forehead once a while..

Take them for a drive or picnic or a surprise getaway.. Roses.. Lilies.. Reading a novel together or watching that new show on TLC..
Cycling together.. Or simply walking, hand in hand.. Feeling how lucky is to have that special person!

Showing love is really important.. Not always, will the idea of 'reading the eyes' work.

Don't take things for granted..

Enjoy it until it lasts.. Hope it lasts forever!

Keep thinking..!!

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