Saturday, 16 January 2016

5 things we do in a Girls' nightout!

Me and every girl out there, feels excited about a girls' night out!!

It may not be a very different thing other than the usual stuff we normally do in the day.. But girls' night out, gets all of us interested.

Having a whole night for ourselves in our comfy pajamas!
The freedom and friendship we share!

It may not necessarily be outrageous but it's still something that rejuvenates us.

1. Chatting our heart out

Yes. We are really talkative and have loads to share to each other. Things which we couldn't share on chat or call. Things we were holding to share in person to see each other's reaction.
Things we just want to let go off our systems.
Things we just couldn't share and tell anybody other than the gang.

2. Play games

Playing games like cards, truth or some interesting ones or missing the old days ones like ludo. We also want to concentrate on some other things and play.
Then, there is a girl in the group who will be a whiner, if she loses.  Sometimes there can be silly fights. Yet, it's all in the fun. We have something to laugh about it later.

3.  Advice sessions

When we know one of us needs a group advice where in all the others be on one side and show different point of views we have. There are arguments, tears, hugs, long discussions. These talks help make the big decision of one's life. It may not end up being what the girls wanted, always. Yet, it helps in understanding what you really want despite of all the other stuff.

4. Eat

Since, we are up almost till the wee hours of the morning and dinner was quite a longtime ago.
There is some munching going on. It could be snacks, parathas, cakes and sometimes soft/hard drinks too, if you are celebrating. You keep yourself full to keep the energy going.

5. Catching on latest gossips

It's not necessarily intended, around our conversations we may remember something and say things like 'Did you hear? ', 'you know what?', etc. Then the ball gets rolling and recent news comes up. It fisses out easily though, yet, you may come across about a thing or two of which/whom you had completely no idea!

Well it's not that, these aren't the things we usually won't do. It's just that all of it happens together, and it is really special to have the girls around. Knowing that someone cares always helps. They will be by your side no matter what and kick your ass when you need it!

Love you girls!

Keep thinking!