Friday, 14 August 2015

My Mum.. Sister In Charge

My mum got the post of Sister In Charge... Red belt... After a long wait, worries, apprehensions, and transfer fears.

Due to her health issues she couldn't accept the post offered more than a year ago in another hospital. But now she along with her 4 other colleagues got the post in the same hospital. She got trained in the same hospital  and joined the job in 1980. 35 years in the same hospital and job! 1983 she joined as Staff InCharge and got this post in 2015.

Doing the same job with daily changing shifts, standing duty, meeting new patients,doctors, JR, SR every day, Working in different wards, changing into uniform daily, traveling an hour's travel to and fro twice daily, and alongside getting married, having me, growing me up and talking to me and doing all house chores.

She in a way, is my Super Mom..

I am so proud of her.

Making the world a brighter place by her service and making me happier by her all showering unconditional love.

She is my Mamma.. Sweetest.. Very beautiful.. My friend.. My teacher.. My student too.

I remember when she had to do MSCit a computer course as a part of a compulsory exam to clear by government demands and she was so keen in learning. I tried to teach her but lost my patience. I was in college doing my engineering and already too worked up. But I was surprised to see her progress when she was preparing for her exams, after a month. She had learned many things and grasped so quickly. Although, there were few things she always used to forget to remember. I wonder, may be it's her genes which have made me a good grasper.

She is really smart in day to day life too.. And she has her own way of doing things which makes things quicker and easier.

She also has different styles of living which I adapted too and ideologies which I follow cause I agree to it.
For instance, drinking direct tap water instead of boiling or filtering. As its already cleaned and we can boost our immune systems by taking a few germs daily because our body knows how to fight them.

There are many trauma cases in hospital which she would tell me about. She talks about how few patients and their family members give them blessings when spoken kindly, how the JRs and SRs always come to talk to her as she is empathatic and makes them understand things without shouting at them.

She can't shout only.. I believe.. Sometimes I start giggling when she makes an attempt to be strict. But in her office she is considered very strict according to her, because she may not speak with anyone unless spoken to.
unlike me :)

Although now.. After many years.. Living with me.. She has learned to speak a lot.. She sometimes  doesn't even stop once she starts speaking. Her thoughts travel from past to future.

Many a times, she forgets to talk about present.

she is so cool... I can talk about anything and anyone with her. She would never judge me and accept me always. Like, her dear child can never go wrong. In fact, when I tell her things she would accept them and tries to change her point of view sometimes because I may show her that. It's so encouraging...

And.. Soo cute.. I feel like pulling her cheeks.
I remember she used to wear Ponds cold cream before applying too much powder like always.

Googly woogly woosh..

Apart from that she never wore any kind of makeup. Neither any accessories or flamboyant clothes as she always needed to change into her uniform and remove all the accessories once she reached office.

Simple living and high thinking as they say!

She is my life and when the other day she was saying I am tired now and I feel breathless sometimes. Don't know how many days I will stay.. Be prepared. That time I almost felt shattered.

I cannot imagine a life without her.

Although she may not be the best cook but the 'garam garam bhakari' she makes.. Really is very satiating...!!

Now, as she has become a Sister In charge hopefully it will be all well. I see a new enthusiasm in her eyes. She is really getting older and weaker now. Even she is finding it difficult to accept, since her skin is becoming loose. Yet, she is a natural beauty!

I am.. Because she is.. Circumstances have made us stronger.. Closer... And a deeper connection.

Love you Mamma..!!

Keep thinking and loving your mum.. :D

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