Tuesday, 16 June 2015

How I met my Friends!

Friends... My friends are really special. Each and every one of them. Probably, a contrary statement above ;) but it's true. I have very special relationship with each of them. A different feeling!

Most of my friends just became through conversations. We just started talking and we realized we are friends the next moment!

 She has known me the longest since schooldays. We were in the same class maybe from kindergarden but never really spoke. In fourth standard, we sat beside each other in a picnic bus. We just started chatting and had most fun time together. We made up a journey song resembling 'Pyar ki kashti main' from Kahi Naa Pyar Hai. We spoke about various things and about how we knew each other for so long and didn't think would connect so well. Since, then be it school picnic or school corridor we went hand in hand.. Because of her, I couldn't go in few rides and because of me she had to go in few!!! We speak on calls be in touch with each other. I can go on about her but some other time.

There is Krupa.. +Krupa Wani
 My guitar class friend. She had just joined new. Sir, asked me to just to check if she was playing the C scale right. After the class we started walking together. And, around 1 hour we just kept talking about different things. With her, I feel very different. Calm. I don't speak too much or too less when with her. She makes you behave your best self. That was in 2006, and till today we try and meet whenever possible. Our other friends wonder who is that friend, without being school or college mate , I meet so often.

We met in classes. I don't exactly remember how we started talking. We used to sit besides each other and we started cracking jokes and playing games wen bored. Never been a backbencher, I had the most fun with her sitting at second bench!!!

Shruti, Apurva, Supriya... My engineering college buddies. +Supriya K +Apurva Chimote
We.. The Divas.. Fantastic four as called by our classmates.
I and shruti connected on the first day of college. But it took me sometime to get to know sups n apu well. They being glued to each other all the time!! ;)
yet, I have very different relationships with each of them.
Shruti n me.. We enjoyed college lectures.. Singing songs and cracking jokes.
Apu n me had the most emotional of phone calls all night long. Sups n me.. A sweet connection.
Many won't believe but in my group I used to make everyone laugh. We 4 together went for night outs, trips, picnics.. We used to have long night chats about life, incidents, just anything. I guess we inspired each other.

Ashutosh.. +ashutosh upadhyay
We became friends on the first day of college. Just chatting about where are we from.. Introducing.. And it continued... A really helpful guy who values friends. Well, we had our share of misunderstanding but the best thing is if either of us start talking the other one is bound to reply.

Pavan.. +pavan more
Now this guy.. We met in the personality contest practice of our fresher year. First day we were paired for a walk together. We didn't speak much. Then once we went to grab a sandwich in a break and that's when we started knowing each other. He is the one person who never says no to me. Of course, unless very important. I know he will be there. Dependable.

She was in my college and I saw her boarding the same train for a few days. Once, I thought to say hi. Only my Hi... That's what it needed. And she started talking about how she saw me for so many days. She spoke as if she knew me very well. She said she could judge from my face that I was smart! That was a first!
And I have the most adorable friendship with her since then. We discuss our problems, dreams, possibilities. I feel very loved and encouraged whenever we meet.

She was the girl in my junior college who used to sit alone. For some reason, she was bullied at. Once, I thought to sit besides her and get to know her. We spoke and she didn't seem any bad. We started sitting besides each other. Gradually, we started talking about our personal lives and friends. We became close and still are. Time just flies but we will always stay the same.

These are the ones who came in my life and never left.

There are many such friends.. my school friends Pooja, Gauri, Shruti, Sanket, Akash,Aditya, Harshada

Others who just met and became friends like Vinit, Ashish, Kinjal, Archu tai, Aniruddh, Anirudha, Hrishikesh, Aniket,Nikhil +NIKHIL HANGE

Even some of my office friends like Sowmya, Sunil, Harish, Sapna, Jyoti, Akshay, Neha, Lavanya

My childhood buddies Tejas, guddi, piyu tai,  pinky tai, deepa tai, Harsha Didi, Komal

And many others who I met and felt like I know them and they know me in a way.

I may have missed a few names. But all of you know how our relationship is!

Most of the friends which I mentioned above may not like my fb pics :-P but they are really close to me. I have had the best conversations with them.

All of them together make my life more beautiful!!

There are many people who I met for just few moments.. We may not have stayed in touch ,still, at those moments we enjoyed and felt together.

Friends.. My definition is to feel like I know you, as we converse.

All of you guys.. We have had some good conversations. And that's what I live for.

So, you make me alive every time we speak. Although it's me who speaks more ;-)

But you'll know you are my friend if I speak my heart out with you!!

Even if meet after 10  days/ months / years I know when we meet and talk we are going to be the same with each other. The way you know me and the way I know you won't change!

Well, it's very difficult to stop when I am talking about my friends.. Mmmm.. Writing..

So some other time..

Keep making friends and stay in touch with them.
Especially the true ones. They really make life worth living for.

Keep thinking!!


  1. ' you make me fel alive when we talk, even though I am the one talking more' ๐Ÿ’“
    Loved that line.

    If you hadn't been the quintessential 'chatter box' I would probably have lost a great friend, because I find it very difficult still to talk to a new person. It's your charm to make people so comfortable while being around you.
    I'm so glad you helped me with the C chord๐Ÿ˜˜

  2. Hahahah... Thank you so much dear!! It's great how we became friends on day 1 we met. I really like that feeling.